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Waterproof Laptop Briefcase for Women and Men | Recycled Laptop Handbag

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Are you bored of those heavy laptop bags or briefcases which need quite a bit energy to take care of? I certainly am.

So, here is my solution - a laptop briefcase which is extremely lightweight, water-resistant, colourfast, dirt repellent, and durable. What’s more, it’s made of 100% RPET which also means it can be recycled again after use.  

The padded interior and water-resistant fabric provides perfect protection for the 14-inch MacBook Pro and all kinds of 13-inch laptops from scratches, bumps and rain. We use 1mm piping sewing technique to trim the edge to give it a neat look while keeping it strong and sturdy.  

MacBook Pro 14-inch

MacBook Pro & Air 13-inch

All kinds of 13-inch laptop

A4 files and documents

There are three pockets both inside and outside to help you organise additional accessories such as charger, mouse, small notebook and other personal belongings. The zip feature keeps your personal items secure and is smooth to use.

This super practical unisex style laptop briefcase is beautifully finished with a highly professional standard. It is a thoughtful gift for a friend, family member or yourself! 

  • Size: L36cm W24cm
  • Outer & Lining: 100% RPET, Japanese YKK Zip
  • Weight: 320g
  • Available in 6 colours



  • More about RPET

  • RPET stands for Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate, also known as Recycled Polyester. It is produced from post-consumer PET bottles (plastic bottles).
  • 1 ton of RPET = 67,000 plastic bottles = reducing CO2 4.2 tons = saving oil 0.8 ton = saving water 6.2 tons


  • More about the design

My RPET collection includes a wide range of bags, purses and cases. It is designed by a French team who I used to work with. We use the most traditional Chinese icon, 盘扣 (pronounced "pán kòu"), as a feature of the product. This small button, which was often seen in old China, has to be hand crafted by very experienced and skilled craftspeople. And, we apply 1mm piping sewing technique to trim the edge to give the product a neat shape while keeping it supported. In this collection you can also see how we like to play with a variety of vibrant colours and bring them into daily life.


  • More questions?

I aim to take photos which can show how my products look in real life: the colours, structures, textile feel, details, etc. But If you have more inquiries, don’t hesitate to drop me a message or email – I’m here to help. Thank you for stopping by! 

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