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Recycled Multi-functional Double Zipper Wallet/Purse for Men & Women

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Introducing our multi-functional double zipper wallets/purses, available in vibrant neon pink, neon orange, and more striking colors! Crafted from recycled plastic bottles, these wallets are a testament to our commitment to sustainability. Not only do they help reduce plastic waste, but they also offer a range of practical features.

Our double zipper wallets are designed to be versatile and efficient. With two spacious compartments, you can easily organize your cash, cards, coins, and even your smartphone. The double zipper closure ensures secure storage while adding a modern touch to the design.

Constructed from recycled plastic bottles, these wallets are not only eco-friendly but also waterproof, making them ideal for everyday use and travel. The durable and lightweight material ensures long-lasting performance, allowing you to confidently carry your essentials wherever you go. The handmade button gives it a unique feature. We use 1mm piping sewing technique to trim the edge to give it a clean, neat shape while keeping it strong and sturdy.

Join us in making a positive impact on the environment while enjoying the functionality and durability of our double zipper wallets/purses. Experience the perfect combination of style, practicality, and eco-consciousness!

  • Size: L20cm W11.5cm
  • Outer & Lining: 100% RPET, Japanese YKK Zip
  • Weight: 60g
  • Available in 6 colours



  • More about RPET

  • RPET stands for Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate, also known as Recycled Polyester. It is produced from post-consumer PET bottles (plastic bottles).
  • 1 ton of RPET = 67,000 plastic bottles = reducing CO2 4.2 tons = saving oil 0.8 ton = saving water 6.2 tons

  • More about the design

Our RPET collection includes a wide range of bags, purses and cases. We use the most traditional Chinese icon, 盘扣 (pronounced "pán kòu"), as a feature of the product. This small button, which was often seen in old China, has to be hand crafted by very experienced and skilled craftspeople. And, we apply 1mm piping sewing technique to trim the edge to give the product a neat shape while keeping it supported. In this collection you can also see how we like to play with a variety of vibrant colours and bring them into daily life.

  • More questions?

We aim to take photos which can show how the products look in real life: the colours, structures, textile feel, details, etc. It might be slightly different depending on the type of device and settings you're using. But If you have more inquiries, don’t hesitate to drop us a message via chatbox or email – we're happy to help.

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